High quality measuring and Diagnostic equipment
Made in Germany

Diagnostic device solution

home2We are a company specializing in the development of software and hardware in the motor vehicle sector. Duonix GmbH has been a reliable partner since 2007 when it comes to the development and production of software and hardware components as well as complete diagnostics systems for vehicle electronics. Profit as a company from our knowledge and discover our wide range of high-quality measurement and diagnostic systems Made in Germany.

Multi-brand diagnostic solution for cars, motorcycles, trucks and agriculture.


All errors can be localized quickly and conveniently.

Service functions

Simply reset service and inspection.


Whether battery or injectors, in just a few steps to success.

As a manufacturer of diagnostic systems in the automotive sector and motorcycles, we offer first-class solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Overview of our products and prices


199 €

  • For all EOBD vehicles
  • Fast and flexible
  • Inexpensive
  • Updates


Bike-Scan 100 Pro

299 €

  • For all BMW motorcycles
  • Compact and practical
  • Service functions
  • No limitation


Duonix Pro

499 €

  • Manufacturer-specific
  • Robust and ergonomic
  • Workshop use
  • Extensive special functions