Diagnosis for Opel

Duonix Diagnostic device Effective and precise fault analysis for many Opel vehicle models

The diagnosis system covers the complete error memory diagnosis in Opel vehicles. The control unit diagnosis is vehicle-specific in order to guarantee access to most control units.

Special functions

  • Service Reset for OBD1 and OBD2 cars

Supported protocols

  • KW82
  • KWP-2000
  • CAN-Single-Wire-System
  • CAN-Low-Speed-System
  • CAN-High-Speed-System

Supported ECUs:

* Engine control unit
* Transmission control
* ABS / ESP control unit
* Instrument cluster
* Power steering
* Anti-theft alarm system
* Immobilizer
* Dev. Display systems
* CD changer
* Additional heater
* Climate control
* Tire pressure monitoring system
* Damper control
* Park pilot
* Headlight range control
* Pass-start control device
* Entertaiment Head Unit
* Mobile Phone Portal
* Digital audio broadcast