The scanner for more flexibility and modern fault diagnosis. 

The PS-100 was designed as a universal and handy diagnostic system for all types of vehicle diagnostic protocols. It offers a wide range of functions with a user-friendly user interface. With a straightforward menu, you can control all functions and settings directly on the large LCD display.

With the PS-100 you have a future-proof hardware and software platform at your disposal. The device is equipped with a modern USB interface for fast and direct data transfer to the PC.

Exact knowledge of vehicle electronics allows modern diagnostic technology to diagnose, analyze and correct many errors faster and more precisely.

An exact analysis of the engine management and the exact details of the actual values ​​in the vehicle allow the user to quickly and effectively rectify the fault on the car.

With the PS-100, we offer you a powerful diagnostic device with which you can diagnose your control units and sensors directly via the built-in OBD-2 connector on the vehicle.

The PS-100 diagnosis system currently offers you extensive coverage of all OBD-2 and vehicle-specific error codes in the engine management area.

A continuously updated and extremely extensive error code database in the device makes it easier for the user to identify the error codes read out on the vehicle.


protocols ECUs:

ISO14230 (KWP2000)
·  KWP2000 slow init 
·  KWP2000 fast init
·  CAN 11bit/250kB 
·  CAN 11bit/500kB 
·  CAN 29bit/250kB 
·  CAN 29bit/500kB

1. Fast and automatic protocol detection

2. Automatic control unit recognition. All OBD-2 compatible control devices are analyzed and recognized. e.g. automatic transmission, ABS, etc …

3. Reading of stored and sporadic error codes. Each error code is defined in plain German

4. A current error code database with 57 car brands and 20,000 codes is available to the user. (3500 standard codes and 16500 vehicle-specific codes)

5. Representation of actual values ​​(live data) in individual mode or as a short overview list

6. Control loop monitoring for independent continuous systems

7. Storage data (freeze frame data)

8. Chassis number and vehicle-specific data

9. Lambda sensors actual values ​​as graphical and tabular representation

10. Test results for CAN bus protocol with additional existing and extended test functions

11. Deletion of the complete fault memory in the control unit

12. Autogas (LPG) Relevant ACTUAL values ​​for the optimal setting of the GAS syste

Power supply: 12V vehicle electrical system OBD2 connection or USB PC interface.
Display: Illuminated blue graphic display
Control: 4 keys membrane keyboard.
Housing: Ergonomic and robust ABS housing with rubber side protection. Can be updated via service software