Digital sensor for alarm system


With the digital sensor you get universal protection for your motor vehicle. The sensor is compatible with almost every alarm system and offers you all-round surveillance. Our sensor is equipped with four digital sensors to prevent false alarms and to ensure the safety of your car. The microprocessor-controlled sensor analyzes and calibrates itself automatically and does its job without errors.


  1. Shock sensor


Digital sensor detects when the vehicle or the tires are hit.


  1. Tilt sensor

The inclination sensor is intended to protect the rims if the angle changes, an alarm is triggered.


  1. Pressure sensor

Detects the change in height and serves as towing protection.


  1. Air pressure sensor (broken glass)


The air pressure sensor detects minimal changes in the vehicle interior. If the pressure conditions change abruptly, by breaking a window or opening a door, an alarm is triggered immediately.