Duonix CUI1 PRO

Duonix CUI1 PRO is a Interface  sniffer / monitor and analyzer tool for CAN bus connections.

The Duonix CUI1 PRO adapter enables an uncomplicated and secure connection to the CAN bus system. With our solution you can analyze and sniff the CAN bus network. CAN bus messages can be recognized quickly and easily and saved if required. The advanced filter can hide, show and sort the IDs. CAB bus messages can be sent individually or grouped, the user has several options here. The messages sent can also be labeled and saved.

Technical characteristics:
USB port (USB 1.1, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatible)
CAN protocol (ISO 11898-2)
Transfer rates from 5 Kbit / s up to 1 Mbit / s
Meets CAN specifications 2.0A (11-bit ID) and 2.0B (29-bit ID)
Connection to CAN bus via D-Sub 15-pin
Resistance (120 Ohm) can be activated
Multilingual (English, German, Russian)

Scope of delivery:
CAN interface
Software for Windows as a download link
USB cable
DB-15 adapter