Diagnosis for Porsche

Diagnostic device for effective and precise error analysis for Porsche vehicle models

The diagnosis system covers the complete error memory diagnosis in Porsche vehicles.

The control unit diagnosis is carried out vehicle-specifically in order to guarantee access to all control units.

Vehicle specific diagnostic protocols

  • KWP2000 Fast Slow
  • CAN (PCAN)
  • UDS

Technical characteristics:

For supported Porsche models  ab from  1996 up 2020

Boxster 986, 987, 981
Cayman 987, 981
911 Carrera 996, 997, 991, Turbo
GT 980
Panamera 970
Cayenne 92A (958)


Supported ECUs:

Instrument cluster
Double clutch
Tiptronic and transmission
Transfer case
Selector lever PDK
PSM stability program
Parking brake
Power steering
PDCC chassis control system
PAS  ACC adaptive cruise control
AWS Auto Weight Sensing
air conditioning
Air conditioning compressor
PCM communication management
TV tuner
CD changer
Electrical system
Steering wheel electronics
Memory seat adjustment
Parking assistant
PASM damper control
Tire pressure monitoring system
Convertible top
Targa roof
BUG control unit
Posip airbag
PTM all wheel drive
Stern module
Door driver
Door passenger
Cornering light
Aggregate bearings
Alarm system
Headlight range adjustment
Rollover protection
Front end electronics
Rear end electronics
Headlights headquarters
Rear axle steering on the left
Rear axle steering on the right
Lift front axle
Keyless Entry
Cross lock
Additional heating